It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere

December 9, 2015

Have you ever noticed that places close just as you’re getting off work? It’s like people want to go home! Understandable, but slightly inconvenient, if you work a 9-5.  By the time I’m free as a bird, some of my top spots have already been closed for 30 minutes. That coupled with all of our daylight being saved (read: squandered) for when I’m indoors, sure makes a girl antsy to punch out early.

Now I can’t do anything about the darkness (besides lobby for us to stop doing it), but I did give it some thought, and I have developed a weekday guide to get us all out of the dark and reveling at some St. Louis spots—all for under 10 dollars.

Might it help work ethic? Possibly!
Ready to find out?  I thought so.

Monday Night
The Zoo hosts “Wild Lights” in December to early January. Admittedly, there are plenty of light displays going on every night in neighborhoods, the Missouri Botanical Gardens, St. Charles, etc., but this is more affordable than many at $8 dollars for an adult non-member.  It’s open from 5:30 to 8:30 pm and weaves all over the zoo. For the full schedule, click here. (*Hint: Nights for Wild Lights flux, depending on the week.)

Tuesday Night
The History Museum is open later on Tuesdays. I’m not sure if the museum itself and the exhibits have improved, or if my tastes have matured, but either way, it’s just a nice place to be. I’m making a point to check out the Coffee exhibit and the Walk in 1875 was so fascinating I shut the place down. I’d be more than happy to do that again, but since it’s open till 8pm Tuesdays, I won’t have to rush. Also, did I mention it’s free? Because 0 dollars sounds nice too.
History Museum

Wednesday Night
Have I bragged about the Hi Pointe lately? Ever? Let me fix that. The Hi Pointe and its newest addition, The Backlot (It’s cozy!), are my go-to’s for movie watching. I especially make a point to head there on Wednesdays because the admission is 5 bucks. Get yourself a ticket for warm indoor wintery evening activity.
The Hi Pointe's Backlot 

Thursday Night
The Orbit Pinball Lounge in Maplewood gives you the opportunity to check in with your inner child. I bring a roll of quarters and play my heart out. Invariably, the quarters last longer than my interest. But that comes in handy, because everyone knows you work up an appetite playing skee-ball. Pop over to Strange Donuts for a late night snack to quiet that hankering. Then go straight to bed. You still have work tomorrow.

Orbit Pinball Lounge 

Friday Night
Alright. Alright. You know I love all museums everywhere. But the St. Louis Art Museum has a dear place in my heart. Nerdy romantic that I am, there’s no greater way to say TGIF than at the SLAM. Friday you get to love it even longer-till 9pm- for free. Love don’t cost a thing, but special exhibits sometimes do, so be prepared to support the arts, if you’d like to enjoy them too.

Do you have any go-to places that are open after 5pm on weeknights? Tell me about them. I want to go to there!

Ta-Ta for Now,

Photo Credit: Andrea Martin @andleetoo
Author: Andrea Martin

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  1. interesting one!!!best way to spend your days chilling with friends..i want to visit those places .i will surely make a plan


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