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August 21, 2015

Hi guys! I’m Andrea Martin. I’m guest posting this week about two things I hold dear: saving money and St. Louis. 
People assume I’m in debt when they size me up. (I know because they’ve told me. Maybe because I own a lot of clothes…?)
First: Wrong! Second: How rude! 
Truth is I enjoy going out just as much as I love being thrifty. Those two things can be at odds though. It could leave you pinched and feeling stressed and stifled, or you could get creative. Guess which one I am. 
Correct! I’m creative with how, when, and where I go and what I spend. That’s important to note. You are in control of your disposable income.
That said, what would I do this weekend (August 21- 24) in the Lou and beyond if I were you? To answer accurately, let’s do a gut check. It all depends on how I feel.

Feeling Free
Saturday August 22, 2015
Indie N Summer Night Market

If I want a 0 down commitment activity, I have my sights set onthe Indie N Summer Night MarketGranted, gas does cost money, but for me, being an Illinois born and bred girl, I need some Big River Road Tripping in my life. This craft fair is allSTL Craft Mafia Members and promises to be good. Of course if you find a “must have” item to buy, do. The Makers will love you for it. And, fun fact, Alton and St. Louis were rival sister cities back in the day. If you love historic lore, go. If you love crafts, go. If you have no plans and limited funds, go. 

Feeling Thrifty
Sunday August, 23, 2015 
Perennial’s Women’s Clothing Swap

10 dollars gets you in, supports Perennials mission (read more here) and you as many clothes as you can or want to carry away. Oh and if you have nice clothes but you aren’t using them, bring them so someone else can!
I get plenty of cool vintage or “oh why not try it?” new-to-me sundries for my wardrobe. Check out their posts on the event here and buy a ticket beforehand here
You will see me there. Last year I diverted 16 pounds of clothes from a landfill. 

Feeling flush (ish)
Skyview Drive-in Theater
Okay, flush is relative. If I still don’t want to splurge, but I don’t mind spending a bit of dough, Skyview Drive-in is the place. Sorry St. Louis. If you had a drive-in, I’d stay in town, but this weekend Belleville is calling my name. Venture over the river, get a 10 dollar ticket (per adult) and you’ll get 2 movies (if you can stay awake), a nice breeze, plenty of people watching. The season lasts until late summer early fall. What’s showing? Find out here!
And for further money saving tip, you can skip the concession stand and mosey on over to Schnucks to buy snacks, or pack your trunk full of them instead. You’re welcome!

Feeling Spendy
Evenings through August 30, 2015
Missouri Botanical Garden’s Lantern Festival

To me a 26 dollar ticket is a lot of money, and if someone wants to take you on a date there, it’s a whopping 52 dollars. I measure my purchases against the price of food, and this equals a lot of burritos. It’s later on in the year, so hopefully the crowds have thinned. There is plenty to see, ooh and ahh over, to be sure. 
The festival started on May 23 and has been extended through August 30th. Check out times and order tickets here. But if the lantern festival isn’t your thing, go and splurge on some burritos. And by some, I mean many, or try one of other gut levels. 

Make good-for-you choices, and have fun this weekend. I’m glad we’ve met!


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