Choo Choo! Atticus is 2

June 4, 2015

Two years of kisses on soft, squishy cheeks, and gap toothed grins that melt my heart into puddles. Two years of tickling tiny toes and holding hands on walks, and wide eyed wonder at "da moon up in da sky." Two years of watching him grow from a tiny blueberry with a beating heart to a blue eyed boy with my heart in the palm of his sticky banana scented hands. I can't believe my sweet Atticus is two.

We had so much fun celebrating over Memorial Day weekend with family and friends who all made his special day perfect.

I knew I wanted to have a train party because he loves trains & I loved all of the sweet vintage charm that a train theme could bring. 

We went with a red, white, & blue Americana color scheme since his birthday fell over Memorial Day weekend, which was perfect, because it was easy to find decor in those colors. I incorporated gingham, burlap, & bandanas on the tables & fresh flowers for added ambiance.

Sweet Sharon snapped some pictures of Atticus dressed in his conductor gear by the train station in Kirkwood a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to use those photos as decoration. She also took photos of all of the party fun! My lovely friend Amanda used her design skills to make an adorable invite & came over early to decorate. My dad & hubby helped decorate & put together the birthday boy's new train set, my mom was in charge of getting balloons & an emergency Coke that got rid of my migraine (she saved the day!), and Sharon used her craft skills to turn a little red wagon into a train & some empty boxes into a bigger train for the littlest guests to enjoy. 

Since the train party left the station at 3:30, we offered light sweet snacks- some donut "coals" from Vincent Van Doughnut (local loves coming soon), Gus' Pretzels in the shape of 2s, blueberries & raspberries as a healthy option, & a banana & chocolate cake made from scratch by the chef at La P√Ętisserie Chouquette.

 All in all, it was a very fun day!

Atticus says thank "choo" to everyone who came & everyone who helped! 


  1. It was a picture perfect birthday party. Your little man is looking so cute in these photographs. On my daughter’s 4th birthday I had reserved one of the best party city locations NY and hired a talented planner for arrangements. She really made my work so easier.

  2. Thanks! He had so much fun! He's already looking forward to his next birthday. ;)


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