A Week in Pictures: Green with Indie

March 27, 2015

A couple weeks ago, we went to yet another craft fair, Green with Indie, by STL Craft Mafia. In case you missed it, here's a brief glimpse/recap of our time there!
The Green with Indie yedis!
The craft fair was on SUPER Pi Day (3.1415, in case you didn't know there were more digits beyond 3.14. Yes, I'm a math nerd.), and luckily, Pie Oh My was there to celebrate and serve it up!

Parsimonia with her adorable vintage trailer. Be sure to check out her upcoming craft fair, Spring Fling in May!

Aren't these little felt succulents just so adorable?! Shout out to crafter, Madi Sharp, and my sneaky husband who got me one! It's sitting in my cube at work and is so cute!

(Pic snatched from Creature Type) We got matching blog rings from one of our favorite vendors and bloggers, Creature Type! #Ew #Gross!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic weekend!

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