Trending Tuesdays: #TrueBlue

March 31, 2015

Home is where the heart is, and part of my heart will always be in Kentucky. I love the Lou too, but Kentucky was my first true love...and I only realized how much it meant to me when I left. I lived in a little town about 10 minutes away from Lexington from kindergarten through my senior year of college (where I graduated from the University of Kentucky, home of the KY Wildcats, who will be playing in the Final Four this weekend!). We moved to St. Louis so I could go to grad school at Wash U and have been here ever since because we fell in love with the city and couldn't leave. But, I try to get back to my old Kentucky home as often as I can, and I will always be a true blue Kentucky fan. In honor of the Kentucky Wildcat's perfect basketball season, we give you some of our favorite Kentucky inspired things. Go big blue, ya'll!! xoxo Paula

(Source: Kentucky for Kentucky)

(Source: Street Scene Vintage)

(Source: Street Scene Vintage)
(Source: Kentucky for Kentucky)
(Source: Define Design 11)
(Source: Add a Pinch)
(Source: Kentucky for Kentucky)

Music Monday: Black Folk

March 30, 2015

Paula here to help cure your Monday blues with some brand new tunes. My husband has been in 4 different bands since we moved to St. Louis, and because of that, we've met so many talented local musicians. Eventually, for a variety of different reasons, he and his band mates decide to go in different directions,  and we watch and wait until we get to listen to them again in a new musical chapter of their lives.

One new chapter we are excited about involves the lead singer of my husband's old band, Leroy S. Buttone. If you were ever a fan of the smooth vocals of the lead singer of Emery, circa The Weak's End, you'll love Leroy. His new band, BlackFolk, features himself and talented female vocalist, Taylar Walker, singing and creating folk music. For fans of the Civil Wars, Hunter GK Thompson, and Matt Corby. Happy listening. 

A Week in Pictures: Green with Indie

March 27, 2015

A couple weeks ago, we went to yet another craft fair, Green with Indie, by STL Craft Mafia. In case you missed it, here's a brief glimpse/recap of our time there!
The Green with Indie yedis!
The craft fair was on SUPER Pi Day (3.1415, in case you didn't know there were more digits beyond 3.14. Yes, I'm a math nerd.), and luckily, Pie Oh My was there to celebrate and serve it up!

Parsimonia with her adorable vintage trailer. Be sure to check out her upcoming craft fair, Spring Fling in May!

Aren't these little felt succulents just so adorable?! Shout out to crafter, Madi Sharp, and my sneaky husband who got me one! It's sitting in my cube at work and is so cute!

(Pic snatched from Creature Type) We got matching blog rings from one of our favorite vendors and bloggers, Creature Type! #Ew #Gross!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic weekend!

Local Loves: Hemma

March 26, 2015

Hi there! We're coming at you today with a special post about a brand new online shop, Hemma. We know you love supporting local crafters and makers, because that's probably one reason why you read our St. Louis blog! If you are as big a fan of shopping local and small as you know we are, then you need to visit Hemma's website.
Hemma, meaning "at home" in Swedish, was created by Melissa Boban after her experience traveling to Sweden. In Sweden, she visited many Euro-style local markets and got to experience the culture through the handcrafted items and sellers who shared their stories with her. Upon returning, she knew she wanted to recreate that experience with St. Louis artists and with their craft that makes St. Louis the treasured city that it is. Melissa started this project as a way of showcasing St. Louis artists, their stories, and their designs all in one place. Each item was carefully curated and selected by Melissa to be featured on her website as a one-stop shop for her favorite locally-made products. Like other online shops, you can purchase the handpicked items directly from the website. But unlike other shops, this website highlights the makers behind the designs as they share their passion for what they do and how they got to where they are. Hemma's shop allows you to learn about the people behind the product. We like it, because it makes online shopping more personal than other online retailers. It certainly makes the products that much more special when you get to read and learn about the dedication that is put into each work of art. Plus, it's a great way to support St. Louis!

Hemma has officially launched this week! So go check it out! Learn about the crafters and what makes their products so special to them. And be sure to check back to Hemma's website to see a new tote designed by STL Style that will be released in the next couple of weeks!

Upcoming Events in St. Louis

March 24, 2015

If you are a regular reader, you're probably well aware that we love craft shows and fashion. We thought we'd share some local events in St. Louis that you might want to make it out to. So clear your calendars!

Crowne Comforteur, a new footwear brand by St. Louisan Joanne Smith, is hosting a trunk show at Laurie's Shoes' Rockhill location on March 28 from 11-2. This event is to celebrate the launch of this St. Louis brand right here in our own city! There will be a raffle for a chance of winning a pair of your own Crowne Comforteur shoes. Be sure to mention "Feel Good" when you RSVP!

Vintage Market Days, is a weekend long event the weekend of April 24-26. Vintage Market Days is your one stop shop for all things vintage. It's your real life Etsy! If you could combine antique stores, flea markets, and handmade creations all in one place, you'd get Vintage Market Days. Admission is $10 on Friday for the early shoppers and $5 Saturday and Sunday, and admission last the whole weekend. This shopping experience is definitely worth the charge. Don't miss out!

Spring Fling in the City will be on May 9, 2015, located in Crown Square in Old North just down the street from Crown Candy. You'll enjoy live music, food trucks, and of course all of your favorite St. Louis local crafters and vendors. Some of our favorites who will be there are Creature Type, Parsimonia, Fable Lore, and Flowers and Weeds. While you're there, be sure to get a milkshake at the infamous Crown Candy!

Coffee, books, and Classic Looks

March 19, 2015

Coffee and fashion are such a match made in heaven, so we couldn't wait to enjoy both by wearing some gorgeous Shop One designs and sipping iced blackberry and strawberry lattes at Stone Spiral Coffee shop in Maplewood. We loved how well this sage colored Charlotte crop (available until the end of March), paired with the blue high-waisted jersey knit pencil skirt (that will be released in May) in a variety of other bold colors.

We topped off the look with a boho hairpiece that was handmade by a talented accessories designer, Natalie of Finley and Bub. She makes lots of other unique items for kids and women, so be sure to look for her shop on Facebook and Instagram!

To get your hands on a crop, hurry to the Shop One site before March is over and you're out of luck! Happy Shopping!

Chic in the City

March 18, 2015

What can be more perfect than a classic t-shirt paired with a chic black skirt? We would wear this combo on the streets of Paris on our way to a cozy cafĂ©...or on the streets of Maplewood on our way to the quaint coffee shop across the street. Can you guess which of the two we did today? ;) 

The Margot midi skirt can be found on the Shop One website in various colors and sizes, but hurry! It's only available for the month of March. "You're the Only One Tee" can also be found on the site and $2 of every shirt will go to the charity of the month.

Check back soon to see another lovely Shop One design. We promise your wardrobe will be happy with any of these pieces!

Local Loves: Shop ONE

March 17, 2015

This past weekend we had so much fun hanging out with local designer, Amelia Freeman. We met her in her design studio in downtown Maplewood where some of the magic behind her clothing line, Shop One, happens. We got to enjoy the sunny, Sunday weather trying on some of her lovely designs and taking lots of photos that we can't wait for you to see! 

Shop One is a unique shopping experience that is exclusively online. Each month, and for only that month, a new item is showcased along with a storyline for each piece. They are expressed through a character and her story. The story represents the piece, styling advice for each piece, and the statement of the empowered woman who wears it.

Because Shop One's designs are only available during the month in which it is showcased, you need to act fast so you don't miss out! However, if there are pieces you wish to see back, be sure to "like" them in order for them to make a comeback! Past looks include the Di Dropback Dress that Sharon's sister so adorably modeled for us.

Check out this month's midi skirt and crop top for sale in the shop until the end of March. Fashion post coming soon! And just a teaser, get prepared for some April showers in Shop One's upcoming piece next month that you will certainly need to get your hands on!