Local Loves: The Shack

February 26, 2015

What can be better than blueberry pancakes with your pals? How about half-priced pancakes with your pals while wearing your pj's?  We highly recommend putting this at the top of your to do list. And if you haven't been to The Shack in St. Louis, trust us, it can't be missed.

Although they don't always offer 1/2 priced food for wearing your pjs, it's definitely one of our favorite breakfast spots in town. There's something for everyone, young and old. Atticus is a fan of the classic pancakes, while Kelsey indulged in the pancakes topped with blueberries. Paula chose a Fiesta omelet, Sharon got the Do it Yourself Meg Ryan (a little bit of everything), and Shane had a Gringo Killer skillet. Kaldi's coffee is proudly served while flat screen tvs play the best sports teams (the currently number one and undefeated Kentucky Wildcats happened to be playing basketball the day we were there- gooooo Cats!). 

If fantastic flavors, a fun atmosphere, and friendly service is your jam, then you'll love the Shack baby. And if you visit, be sure to leave your mark on the wall...and see if you can find where we left ours!

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