A Week in Pictures

February 20, 2015

This week has been bitterly cold, and all we've wanted to do was stay inside and warm up by the fireside in a big giant quilted blanket with hot chocolate in BOTH hands. But this past weekend we were able to enjoy the nice-er weather as we celebrated Valentine's Day with our hubbies and got to spend time with our families.

This weekend, I, Sharon, got to take pictures of my brand new adorable baby niece. I'm a first time aunt, so this was extra special for me. Little Emma is such a doll, and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law are so lucky to have such a sweet little girl in their life!

She is just the sweetest little thing. I can't get enough of her! Valentine's Day was pretty low key for us, as usual. We usually do more for anniversaries and birthdays, so Valentine's Day sometimes gets forgotten until the day of. But when I came home from work Friday night, my husband still managed to surprise me with lovely flowers and chocolate!

And because I got home from work late, I was just planning on ordering a pizza, but my sweet husband still took me out and we got to go to Mission Taco for the first time! (Local loves post soon to come) Then we spent the rest of the evening watching Boyhood, which was so fascinating, and I highly recommend it! (And if you enjoy that and are interested in a new series to watch, check out the Seven Up Series. It is just so compelling.) And because this is busy season for me at work, I requested if we could stay in all Saturday and catch up on our shows, which we did, and it was perfectly relaxing and wonderful. Gotta love husbands who let you do what you want.

Paula here! I am a hopeless romantic, so I've always been a fan of Valentine's Day. This year was extra fun because my sweet mom drove all the way from Kentucky to be our littl
e 21 month old's Valentine so we could go out to dinner and stay in an artsy boutique hotel downtown. It was our first night away from our baby, but I knew he was in good hands with his Grammy.

We ate at Baiku sushi lounge which is attached to Hotel Ignacio, (the place we booked for the night). I got a dragon roll and my guy got stir-fry followed by an amazingly sweet chocolate dessert. We loved the unique blend of flavors: jalapeƱos & cilantro & avocado on a roll...& the artistic presentation. 

We were impressed with our hotel too. It was voted one of the most romantic places to stay in STL by the RFT and our room was so chic & cozy. When we checked in, some lovely flowers were waiting for me.

We ended up getting each other the same exact card unknowingly, and I also got a box of Bissinger's chocolate truffels...my absolute favorite!

The next morning we slept in for the first time in almost 2 years and had breakfast from Triumph Grille which is also attached to the hotel. I'm still dreaming about the Tahitian vanilla French toast that I had. After breakfast, we went home so my mom could get back to Kentucky before the giant snow storm of the year hit. Luckily she made it there right before they got buried in over a foot of snow!

I had President's Day off since I'm a teacher, and Kelsey got a snow day, so Monday we all got to spend the day together playing in the snow. Then the rest of the week was business as usual. We're looking forward to our double date night with Shane & Sharon at Salt & Smoke tonight. Look for a local loves post about that soon. Hope you all had a lovely week too! Happy Fri-yay!


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