Music Monday: Sufjan Stevens

December 22, 2014

Happy Music Monday and happy almost Christmas! We wanted to share some more of our favorite Christmas tunes for this holiday season. Sufjan Stevens is another one of our favorite artists, but he is also a master of writing Christmas music. He has released two Christmas compilations, each with 50 songs! That's a lot of Christmas music, yet it still never seems like enough! His latest album, Silver and Gold, is such a unique variation of Christmas songs, that it's easy to listen to even when it's not Christmas time. We have been so hooked. These songs can be categorized in so many different ways: romantic, upbeat, psychedelic, folksy, techno, electronic, etc. Sufjan is such a magician of music and tricks that there's plenty of listening pleasure for anyone of any demographic (that may be a bit of stretch), but we can't get enough of it, so we hope you take a listen and enjoy it as well!

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