Music Monday: The Modern Post

December 15, 2014

"Well it's Christmas time everybody, but it's raining in my heart," said Dustin Kensrue in his solo Christmas album "This Good Night's Still Everywhere." We're big Dustin Kensrue fans and are really excited for his new album, but because our husbands are even bigger fans, we thought one of them could tell you a little more about it! Todays "Music Monday" feature is a guest post from Sharon's husband, Shane.  We asked him to tell us about one of his favorite artists and his new Christmas collection. 

     Hello A Colorful Chaos readers!

     If you're anything like me, you've got the Christmas blues and need more Christmas music. Because I can't seem to find enough good Christmas music.
     There is a ton of solid Christmas music being released nowadays and some of my go-to's are Sufjan Stevens "Silver & Gold," Citizens & Saints "Repeat The Sounding Joy" and Frank Sinatra's "A Jolly Christmas" (yeah, this ones not new but you need to must add it to your collection). But that's still not enough, right?
     Well, Merry Christmas! The Modern Post, released a 5 song Christmas EP titled "Lowborn King," and if you're a Dustin Kensrue fan like me, then you will love this album.
     If you are unfamiliar with Dustin's work you might better know him as the frontman for the well traveled rock band Thrice, who released 7 LPs ( "The Alchemy Index," "Beggars" and "Major/Minor" are my top 3) and toured the world from 1998-2012. Dustin has a solo LP entitled "Please Come Home" that is in the vein of Elvis/Rockabilly/Folk music. Which is in stark contrast to Thrice's "Deftones meets punk rock" sound, and if you've never listened to the Deftones click HERE.
     Did you listen to the Deftones yet? Ok good.
     In 2011 Dustin took a job heading up the budding "Mars Hill Music" at Mars Hill church in Seattle just before Thrice announced a hiatus in 2012. This collective of talented musicians at Mars Hill Music helped to energize and revitalize a stale and perpetually bland "Christian rock" scene with bands like Citizens & Saints, Kings Kaleidoscope, The Sing Team and Dustin's own The Modern Post all writing excellent music. His solo album, "The Water & The Blood" which was released for Mars Hill Music is absolutely worth a spin.
     So when the 14 year old church-kid-turned-punk-rocker-turned-grown-up-"mature-" (notice the air quotes on mature) worship-leader in me learned that one of the most influential song writers in my life was now writing music for the's safe to say I was pretty freakin' stoked.
     The sound of "The Modern Post" is very much a diversion from what we're used to hearing from Dustin's bread winner, Thrice, and also a bit different from his solo work albeit both welcomed diversions in my opinion. It should be noted that The Modern Post is a trio made up of Dustin on electric guitar/vocals, a keyboardist and a drummer; and even with this scaled down approach they offer up quite a large atmosphere. In one song you'll find programmed loops, heavy bass/synth pads, driving rhythms, clean but beautifully gritty guitar and Dustin's signature raspy, crooning voice. In the next song, an orchestra and backing choir.
     For the past three weeks I haven't been able to get this song out of my head. I believe this to be an original Christmas tune he wrote about a war on sin and death and "the tide" turning at Bethlehem. I apologize if this is not an original tune. I'm limited to online searching since I unfortunately don't know the guy.

     Stating that he has recently turned his attention to his solo music and is in the studio recording another solo LP (Merry Christmas to me?), be on the lookout for new music in 2015, and if we're lucky, it'll be Christmas themed!

     Dustin also released a single of "O Little Town Of Bethlehem" this year that is finer than the finest Tennessee top hat.

     While you're out there trying to find that perfect gift for the one you love, treat yourself to this 5 song EP, and while you're at it go ahead and get every Thrice record you can find. You can thank me later.

Merry Christmas!

- Shane

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