Local Loves: Strange Donuts #StayStrange

October 24, 2014

If you live in St. Louis, enjoy breakfast, and love weird food, you may have already heard of Strange Donuts in St. Louis. Strange Donuts has just celebrated their one year anniversary, and with that celebration, they have also opened up their second store in one of our favorite neighborhoods! 

Because the second location in Kirkwood is also close to our residence, we wanted to support them on the day of their grand opening! And yes, we were there bright and early when they opened the doors at 6 a.m. What can we say, we love breakfast! (Also, forgive us for the dark pictures. The sun still wasn't up yet!)

Strange donuts is a unique donut company, because they make your typical sugary donut, but they make savory ones too. A favorite among strange fans is the maple bacon. But their donuts also get "stranger," as they call their extreme strange donuts. One of their great business ideas is to not only make strange "dones", but they come up with some of their strange ideas by partnering up with other local restaurants around St. Louis. Some of their featured dones have included ice cream from the St. Louis sweet shop, Serendipity, and a pulled rib done from Sharon's favorite STL BBQ place, Bogarts!

If you haven't been, there are now two locations you can visit in Maplewood and Kirkwood. The "strangers" of the week are available in the evenings. To find out what the featured "done" of the week is and for other information about Strange Donuts, check them out here! And stay strange!

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