Trending Tuesdays: #DoggyHeaven

September 16, 2014

Sharon and Paula here! Now, we all know how much Brooke is in love with kitties, and while we think kitties are cute too, we are dog people, and can't get enough of all these little pooches! So here's our chance to show some of our favorite doggy things!

Print by Red Gate Arts

Dish towel by Anthropologie

Rainboots by Ruche

Sweater by Burberry Brit

Greeting Cards by Rifle Paper Co.

iPhone case by Anne Was Here

Print by Hanna Melin


  1. Aww love this puppy post :) I got some Peter Alexander Dachshund PJs a few years back and they're some of my faves.

  2. Thanks, Laura! That sounds so cute! My friend has 2 dachshunds & I always buy her things with them on it for gifts! :)


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