Fall Dreams & Maple Spice Lattes

September 24, 2014

Fall seems to be the weather sweetheart of the world. Everyone loves summer, but when there's a chill in the air suddenly everyone seems to be saying that fall is their "favorite time of year." I'm no exception to the rule; I truly do love fall.

All of a sudden here in the Lou, autumn was here and we were all celebrating. It's been cool and breezy and I can't get enough maple spice lattes. I'm drinking them like it's my last day on earth. There is an 80 degree day on the forecast for this week, so this weather feels like a tease - or a taste of the lovely months ahead of us!

I love the sun, and I dragged my sweet husband off the sidewalk to get some shots of me with this beauty of a brick wall. The sun was possibly too bright, but we caught the moment and that's what matters.

Sweaters and H&M are totally my addition. Plus I got this adorable mini purse (I'm talking TEENY tiny) and I had to share the cuteness with ya'll!

Also, my new trademark blue shoes make another appearance. They're too comfortable and cute not to pair with every single outfit.

Sweater, tank, shoes: H&M. Jeans: AE. Crossbody Mini: F21

I'm off to buy pumpkins and eat chili...can we all agree that fall is totally the best time of year?

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