DIY: Bohemian Pillow

September 3, 2014

Sharon here! For our movie night, I was inspired by our previous summer time favorites post from anthropologie here. I loved all the colors and textures, and I wanted to make my own pillow that would make our night colorful and comfy all at once.

Different patterns of fabric (be sure that they are at least one inch longer than your pillow) - I found most of these in the discounted/returned section of my local fabric store, so cheap!
Fabric for the backside of the pillow
Sewing Machine
Tape Measure

First, cut your fabric into 1 1/2 inch strips. Again make sure they are at least one inch longer than the length of your pillow. Make sure you have enough strips for the width of your pillow. Each strip will be about 1/2 an inch of your pillow. So for however many inches wide your pillow is, be sure to have twice as many strips (plus a couple extra for the seam).

Then fold each strip in half and iron a crease right down the center of them.

Begin sewing the strips together hiding the raveled edges underneath the previous strip. Continue adding on fabric strips.

To create a quilted pattern, continue sewing perpendicular lines to your fabric strips. Try to keep them somewhat close together to prevent gaps between fabric pieces, since these seams are really what holds the fabric pieces together. Most of my seams were about half an inch apart.

Once you've sewn your strips into one piece of material, pin it to your other piece of fabric for the backside of the pillow. Make sure the good sides are facing each other. The seams should be the same length and width as your pillow. Sew three and a half sides of it being sure to reinforce your seams as you go. Thee the same length and width as your pillow. You can subtract an inch for a more snug fit. Then turn your fabric right side out, iron as necessary, and stuff your pillow inside.

To stitch your pillowcase with a hidden stitch, think about lacing your shoe, but not in the typical way. Instead of crossing over after going through a hole, go in and out on the same side before crossing over, as shown above. It helps to iron this so your crease will be in line with your existing seam. Sew along the crease with your sewing needle, tightening as you go.

And there you have it! You're own quilted bohemian pillow! I love how much color it adds to a space, and even more that I made it myself! 

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