Blog Date: Bailey's Range

September 30, 2014

It's no secret that we totally love ice cream. One of the main items on our "to do" list for our blog dates is typically: find the best ice cream. Bailey's Range, a locally owned restaurant that has the best house-made ice cream. It's totally one of our top recommendations to people who come into town or who are looking for a new place to try. 

You may find yourself wondering, do these girls do anything but eat in St. Louis? And the answer is YES, we do - you just hear most often about our foodie finds because we love two things: local treasures and AMAZING FOOD!

Bailey's Range has great burgers (and veggie options for all you non-meat eaters out there), fries and delicious shakes. They have a few sister restaurants (we'll tell you about those later) that we love visiting, and are generally just a great addition to the STL food scene. Thank you, Bailey's Range, for providing us such amazing ice cream!

Paula seriously loves ice cream. I mean, check out how big that cone is! She enjoyed this white chocolate raspberry cone with Salted Caramel ice cream. She's lives on the wild side of life. Brooke highly recommends the Triple Chocolate ice cream (to die for)(!). Sharon's always getting anything Salted Caramel, but this time she got chocolate and peanut butter. Perfect combo.


  1. I went there recently and I wasn't that impressed, granted I only had the pretzels with cheese. My friends said their burgers were "ok". It has a cool atmosphere though!

    1. Oh girl! You need to go again. They have amaaaazing veggie burgers (Paula and I are vegetarians so Sharon may have a better recommendation if you're a carnivore!). Great atmosphere, great ice may just have to come with us - we're their biggest fans! :)


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