Summertime Favorites: Movie Night

August 28, 2014

Hello all! This past weekend, with the weather being hot and sticky, we thought we'd get together for a cozy movie night. After we had recently watched Zach Braff's "Wish You Were Here," (read our review) we were all reminiscing about one of our other favorite Zach Braff movies, "Garden State."  We also made our own popcorn and, of course, enjoyed one of our favorite desserts, s'mores!

Enjoying the last bit of sunlight before going in for our movie.

Sweet little Atticus got his first haircut this weekend, and he's growing up into a handsome little man!

Sharon made our favorite garlic popcorn and s'mores with ice cream for the evening. 

Paula's pup, Maya asking us for some popcorn. 

About to enjoy our movie!!

 photo randall_zps5af84bf8.gif
Randall working it for the camera.


  1. So... I let out an audible gasp when I saw your Westie. I am in love with Westies (though I have a cairn mix myself). There's something about a Westie, isn't there?

    And I watched this interview with Natalie Portman once where she talked about how the latch of her dishwasher had gotten broken and she had gotten it fixed immediately. Her reasoning for literally paying someone more to come out immediately was because since in Garden State his mother gets paralyzed due to the broken latch on a dishwasher it would be some universal irony if that happened to her.

    Garden State reminds me of that interview... Love that movie though And S'mores. but how can you not like S'mores?

    1. Aw - Paula will be so happy to hear that! She loves her sweet Westie, Maya.

      I'm always worried about leaving my dishwasher open; I totally feel Natalie Portman's pain!

  2. Aww...thanks!! I love my Westie! Cairns are cute too!! :)


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