Music Monday: Of Monsters and Men

August 25, 2014

Music always fills me with whimsical nostalgia. It's strange how music can have that effect on you - invoking a heightened sense of memory. Certain songs or albums often remind me of special moments in my life; I can remember that season of my life vividly.

In my birthday wishlist post, my top item was Of Monsters and Men's My Head is an Animal album on vinyl. This album is one of those that somehow became very significant to me. When I listen to it, I can feel the warm summer breeze of the day that I first heard it. I remember the iced green tea that was my go to drink over those hot months, and my favorite past time was waking up early with the sun for a 5am Pilates class. This was a good season for me.

Much has changed in my life, but I love how these tunes take me right back to those sweet moments. Music has that unique power of making you feel somehow more alive when you listen to it. Of Monsters and Men is "soundtrack to life" kind of music for me. You know, when you find something that is so your style that you know it will be in the movie about your life? This is it. It's folky and magical - I seriously can't get enough. I'm ready for a new record already!

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