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August 20, 2014

Sharon here! Today I am celebrating three years with my wonderful husband. Shane has been one of the greatest things to have ever happened to me, and I'm so happy that we get to celebrate another year together.

How Shane and I met seems like something straight out of a movie. Kind of unreal, but these events happened exactly as I describe them. Shane and I met when he was working at Starbucks. A friend and I were coming in to hang out and catch up. Shane, being the sweet, charming stud he is, decided he needed to talk to me and would do whatever he could to try. It started as soon as my friend and I walked in asking me if it was cold outside. Then he offered us a free second round of drinks. Then he was giving us free pastries. After he ran out of food to give us, he went on his break and asked me to watch his laptop for him. And then after getting ice cream next door, he decided to have a real conversation with us. He wasn't giving up! A little side note here, I'm the type of person who doesn't really like to be approached by guys, and, at the time, I kind of wanted him to leave us alone. But because I'm kind of shy, he noticed this. He knew the only way he'd get to talk to me was by talking up my friend. Once they realized that they're both into playing music and that their bands could jam together, they exchanged myspace URLS. Yes, MySpace (oh the memories of angled selfies and top eights are pouring in).

A few days later, my friend called me to tell me that Shane messaged her to ask for my myspace account (all this myspace stuff is so embarrassing!!!) and told her that I was the most beautiful and stunning girl he's ever met (I promise these are his words. I would never say that about myself!) I lost my breath and was so shocked and flattered since I thought I was being so rude to him at the store. So after a few messages back and forth, he gave me his phone number, and it was actually me who reached out to him and initiated our first "date." I say that with quotes cause I was trying to play it safe in case he was a super weirdo. He still gives me crap about not calling it our first date. Haha. But we had so much fun and now I'm proud to call it our first date and more proud to call him my husband.

Shane and I have been through so much together. As we were dating, our relationships with God only became stronger. We helped to encourage each other and pray for each other, which strengthened our relationship as well. Seeing the changes that God had made in us through the other made it clear to me that we were meant for each other. And it's true. Marriage has only helped us to be closer friends, growing closer through the tough times and fonder through the best times. I couldn't imagine life without him and am so happy that God has put him in my life. So here's to three years with my boo and prayers for many many more.

Happy anniversary to my Shane!

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