DIY Macramé Wall Art

August 5, 2014



Sharon here! As you may have seen from a previous post, we love macramé  I have been meaning to make macrame a part of my home for quite some time and thought I would try a macramé wall piece. 
80 yards of rope or cord
wooden beads
This website for learning how to tie knots

First cut your rope into 13-5 yard and 2-6 yard. In total, you should have 15 strands of rope. Then fold your strands in half and tie them into larks head knots around the dowel. Tie the two 6 yards strands on the ends.

Then, start tying your strands into diagonal double half hitch knots. 

After a few rows, you can start adding your wooden beads. And then continue with more diagonal double half hitch knots and more beads.

Finally, tie extra rope to the dowel to hang it, and I trimmed and unraveled the bottom of the cord to give it some texture, but you can add more beads at the bottom for weights or paint the ends, and then you're finished! 

This actually only took a couple hours, and was really fairly easy! Once you get the knots down, it's pretty simple. I love my macramé art so much! I think I might make some for Christmas presents! I hope you enjoyed this DIY!

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