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August 7, 2014

I love having an end-of-summer birthday. Warm, long days are still around to be enjoyed - but the crisp air of fall is just around the corner. August is my favorite month, and not just for my birthday.

Here's my wishlist of most wanted items for my upcoming birthday celebrations (feel free to pass this along to my husband....).

(Source: Urban Outfitters)

Last year, Randall got me the most beautiful turquoise record player. We've loved adding to our record collection over the past few months. It's particularly fun to buy records from bands that he's played with like From Indian Lakes, or artists that I've always adored like Bob Dylan. Of Monsters and Men is one of my absolute favorite bands; they remind me of summertime and iced green tea. This year, I'm dying to get their album on vinyl so I can dance to their sweet tunes all through my home. 

(Source: Kelli Murray Art)

I'm loving this print by Kelli Murray. It artfully captures the essence of down-to-earth beauty. This piece may be slightly too feminine for our main room gallery wall, but would be a pretty addition to my side of the bedroom or our growing home office. 

(Source: Urban Outfitters)

Home decor is my not-so-secret obsession. This couch is one of the most beautiful pieces of furniture that I've ever seen, and I'm dying to have it for our home. It's on the pricier end of my wish list, so it'll someday be a long term investment for us. Until then, I'll be dreaming about that beautiful color gracing my living room. 

(Source: Hummusbird)

Driftwood is growing into one of my newest favorite items. It reminds me of the beach and I can almost hear ocean waves rolling onto the beach outside my window. This Driftwood Wall Hanging would be beautiful in our room, although it may be too tempting for our little kitten to leave alone. 

(Source: Moonrise Hotel)

Traveling to new cities has aways been a passion of mine. Still, there's something about St. Louis that keeps me content enough not to leave. Randall and I stayed at the Moonrise Hotel on our honeymoon, and I didn't mind not going far from home. The Moonrise is a charming boutique hotel in the city. We stayed there during the winter, so we mostly just enjoyed the atmosphere from inside our room, but they have a rooftop lounge that I've been dying to visit!

(Source: Rifle Paper Co.)

This beautiful phone case is high on my wanted list! I go through phone cases really quickly; it's a bad habit I'm trying to let go of. I drop them too often; they usually end up breaking (or not protecting my phone...learned that one the hard way!) Those one is so pretty - I'd take extra special care of it!

(Source: Free People)

My yoga mat has seen much better days. Sometimes I can be kind of cheap, so investing in something like a new yoga mat is hard for me. Birthdays are the perfect excuse to buy a much needed item that is requires slightly more green than you'd normally invest. This mat is such a bright cheery color; it definitely makes for happier 5am yoga sessions!

(Source: Free People)

I know it's technically still summer. By my birthday, fall will be so close that I may be able to sneak a few sweaters in without getting too many weird looks. I love this long, cozy cardigan from Free People. A few years ago, I invested in a really fantastic cardigan from Urban Outfitters that was very similar. It's the perfect easy piece that makes a simple cold weather outfit feel put together and stylish. I think this year it's time to invest in another perfect cardigan. 

Birthdays are fun. I love celebrating them, whether it's mine, Randall's, our kitten's or a coworker's! A birthday is such a perfect opportunity to tell people that you love how significant that they are to you. What birthday items are on your wishlist?

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