Our Preview of Lucky's Market: Good Food For All

July 30, 2014

Sharon and I were lucky enough to be invited by Brooke to attend the sneak peek of Lucky's Market on Monday and it was amazing! We can not rave about this little gem enough! The store opens today and we could not be more excited. If a farmers' market and a natural food store had a baby, it would be Lucky's Market. They offer produce just as fresh as it's mom and pop with lots of organic goodies for a fraction of the price: home grown bi-color corn, 5 for $1.00, local zucchini & yellow squash, $.98 a pound, local bell peppers, 3 for $1.00! Their motto is "Good Food For All" and it's easy to see why.

We love supporting Lucky's because their goal is to provide nutritious, fresh and all around amazing food for anyone - regardless of your budget! They support local farmers and products. Plus the store is completely beautiful!

We sampled so much: fresh squeezed juice, hand ground peanut butter (& chocolate peanut butter), sushi (sushi, & more sushi), veggie pizza, pasta salads, fresh fruit dipped in chocolate, & gelato...who could ask for anything more?! 

We had so much fun checking out all of the local products on the shelves at the store - made right here in STL! They even had great live music from the super talented Owen Pye (one of our all time favorites).

We're both jealous that Brooke gets to work in such a hip place surrounded by so many yummy things! Atticus had fun too...he took a break from tasting the basil watermelon long enough to shake Owen's tambourine.

 If you live in St. Louis & love fresh, local and organic food at amazing prices, head over to Lucky's today. We can't wait to go back!

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