A Week in Pictures

July 4, 2014

Hope everyone has been having a great week leading up to the Fourth of July!  I've been busy unpacking from our trip to Florida, and repacking for our weekend getaway to my old Kentucky home...good thing my family loves traveling as much as me.  :)  Here are some pics from our beach vacation.  It was my baby's very first time visiting the ocean, and it won't be his last!
 Coffee tastes even better on the beach.

He wanted to try on mommy's hat.

Our beach house!  Within walking distance of the ocean, coffee, and ice cream...who could ask for anything more?

You can't leave Florida without eating Key Lime pie!

Mornings by the sea make me happy. :)

I already miss this view!

I think after seeing those pictures, we're all pretty jealous and want to be relaxing by the seaside as well!

Sharon here! This week, I turned 27! And I'm the type of person who can't just celebrate my birthday in just one day. Where's the fun in that? Plus, birthday celebrations are more fun when you get to spend it with all the people you love. My celebration will continue this weekend when my sister comes home from school this weekend! So here's just a few photos from my birthday week!
I got this lovely book from a sweet friend and I could not be any more excited about it. It has great tips for taking care of plants and pictures of gorgeous plant arrangements. Makes me drool.

My friend Faith and I went to a cactus and succulent show at the Botanical Gardens where we saw all kinds of showcased cacti but they also had a cactus sale, so you know I came home with some.  
Isn't this so adorable???
After the sale, we got lunch at Olio. It was so delicious!! We went for brunch. I would love to go back and try their dinner menu. It's an adorable loft restaurant that was converted from an old auto repair shop with huge windows and modern decor. Go check it out!
On my birthday, my wonderful husband took me to Cafe Osage at beautiful Bowood Farms. Bowood Farms is one of my favorite nurseries in town. Not only are they a nursery, but they sell home decor too. Stay tuned for a Local Loves post about them! You'll certainly want to visit!
I wish this was my backyard! So breathtaking.

Brooke here! While Paula was out enjoying some sunshine, Randall and I took care of her sweet Westie, Maya. Precious little thing - she was always so excited to see us whenever we got home. Who wouldn't love that adorable face?

Randall is so cute with puppies. He loved playing with Maya all week (I think she loved it too). Kelsey & Paula live around the corner from Chipotle and our favorite ice cream place..so, needless to say, Maya was staring at us asking for a taste of our ice cream multiple nights in a row.
In other news, my wonderful barista husband has recently become a certified Coffee Master! He has more responsibility around the store now, and so we get to add some fun new decor there every so often. We love dreaming up new and creative ideas to add a pop of color and originality to the store. I drew some special signs for them earlier this week (and got a free drink in return!).
We obviously adore coffee. Both of us have worked at Starbucks, and I also worked at another local coffee shop during college. One of our favorite weekend activities (other than eating breakfast) is spending time together relaxing at a coffee shop.
And now, a sneak peak into what's in the future for the Buchanan family...
But more on that later!

Hope everyone has a great weekend & a happy Fourth of July!!
Brooke, Paula, and Sharon

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