A Month in Pictures

July 31, 2014

Happy end of July all! It has been such a busy month for all of us with new jobs, vacations, and enjoying summer! So we thought we'd wrap up the month with some pictures of our summer thus far!


I was so happy to get to travel to Kentucky to celebrate the Fourth of July with family.  We started the day with my husband's parents having homemade chocolate donuts, then went with them to Wilmore to watch a parade (complete with a famous lawn-mower brigade), picked up some lunch from Solomon's Porch (my husband and I went there for coffee dates when we were 15- so nostalgic!), and finished off the day with a cook-out and fireworks on the back porch.

The next day we traveled to Eastern Kentucky for a family reunion with my side of the family.  Atticus got to see his great-grandma, and lots of his other sweet relatives.  He can't wait to go back (& neither can I)!

Then we came back to Lexington to have dinner with some friends at one of my favorite restaurants, Alfalfa's (all of the food is made with fresh, local ingredients).  I got my usual- the Hoppin' John with extra hot sauce- and it was amazing!  The Lexington Downtown Art Center is next door to the restaurant, so I snapped a quick pic on our way out.  I love Lexington and wish we would've had more time to go to some of my other favorite local spots...next time we're there, I'll try to go and take pictures so I can tell you all about my favorite vintage store right next door to my favorite coffee shop!

Once we were back home in St. Louis, I spent the rest of July hanging out with my sweet little man.  We've been busy having fun with wagon rides (his favorite thing ever), story-time at the library (where they give out free books that we don't have to return), sing-a-longs at Rise coffee (while sipping my lavender latte and sharing his vegan banana muffin), playing with trains at Barnes and Noble, and having lunch dates with his dad at the original Kaldi's on Demun (our favorite location).  I can't believe summer break is almost over and I have to go back to work next week!  I really love this stay at home mom gig!


For my final birthday celebration, my family took me out to Katie's Pizza. It's such a cool restaurant. They grow their own herbs right in front of the store! If you're in St. Louis, be sure to check it out. It's so delicious!

Afterwards, we had a doggy date with my parent's dog, my dog, and my cousin's dog. The most adorable doggy date ever!

For the fourth of July, my family and I went to Grant's Farm in St. Louis, since it was such a beautiful day here! And my sis wanted to show her boyfriend around town. Grant's Farm is so much fun. You get to feed animals and get free beer!
The camel's hairy lips were kind of terrifying me... 

Then my family decided to have a nice night at their house where their neighbors shot off fireworks. My sister took this amazing photo. It was such a great night with my family!

Also, this month, one of my sister's best friends (also my high school bff's sister, we made a fun quatro back then) had a baby shower that I got to help out with. 
Posing with the soon-to-be-mama! And my friends, Sarah and Kelly and I always need to get a besties pic. :)


July has truly flown by! This month has been so full of change for us. Randall and I became 7-month old newlyweds (nearly 8 - how long can I still say "newlywed" for?). We both started exciting new jobs and we often nowadays find ourselves sitting around thinking how blessed we are.

There is so much to celebrate in July....the 4th is one of my all time favorite holidays. Right up there with Christmas (which we all know it is impossible to top). Randall and I headed out to our local Kirkwood 4th Festival. It was so wonderful, I'm already looking forward to next year! We got some special dipped chocolate ice cream and enjoyed live music before the fireworks. I literally can get my husband to smile in about 1% of my pictures...

I'm going through another one of my "summer plant obsession" phases (being friends with Sharon truly does not help!). Plants are lovely, and other than my airplant I cannot seem to keep them alive. But - I haven't given up hope. I'm scouring the shelves of our local gardens for the perfect low maintenance addition to my new office.

We also stopped by one of our local favorite restaurants, Nippon Tei, for some celebratory sushi. Somehow, sushi has become our answer to any positive circumstance in our lives. New jobs, Randall acing a class, or even when I find a quarter in an old pair of pants. All of these situations seem to be occasions for a trip to get sushi.

Try to tell me that doesn't look incredible.

 The other great thing about July is that it's National Ice Cream Month. And really, we don't necessarily need an excuse to eat ice cream, but we'll take it! Randall and I made way too many trips to Andy's Frozen Custard this month. You see, these girls are Ted Drewes lovers - which I can respect, because i do have a soft spot for any establishment unique to St. Louis. Andy's is a midwest favorite that I discovered in college and I've since become a fanatic. I'm sorry, but once you've tried Andy's you just can't go back.

And finally, probably the single most exciting part of my month - we've recently added a new member to the Buchanan family! But, you'll hear more on that tomorrow. 

We hope that ya'll are having a beautiful summer!

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