Thrifty Finds

June 17, 2014

Sharon here! One of my favorite things to do is go thrifting. I was raised in a home where we bought nothing full price. My mom could haggle like nobody's business. That's the Chinese in her. Too bad I did not inherit those strong, confident skills of negotiating and low-balling from her. So I settle for buying second-hand. While my mom is good at talking, I'm good at walking.. or hunting.. or something like that... I like searching for good pieces that stand out and tell me won't I be so perfect in your home?? I like the hunt and the thrill, but I also like finding the beauty in things that other people have also once admired and enjoyed. So now I've found another way to share my joy in these finds by sharing them here on the blog! This past weekend, I picked up a couple things that I'm oh so delighted by.

I found this adorable canister for only 25 cents! Can't you see why I love garage sales so much? This can be used for recipe cards, jewelry or as a planter, which you know I will probably go with the latter..

I actually just asked for a watering can for my birthday this month, but retracted my request thinking it wasn't worth it. Good thing, since this navy blue watering can was only 50 cents! Score.

I'm not normally drawn to accessories or anything other than home decor, but when I saw this, I knew this travel bag would be so perfect for my anniversary trip to Orlando later this year. I luckily found this beautiful bag for only five dollars, and it even came with a shoulder strap! I can't wait for our trip!

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