Summer Reading List

June 30, 2014

Paula here, home from sunny Florida with some books that are perfect for reading by the sea (or the pool, or a lake, or some other relaxing place)! Since I'm a teacher & have the summers off, I try to read as much as possible before August rolls around again & things get super busy.

Here are three books that I found on vacation, but I'm looking to add more, so let me know what's on your list!

Two of the three stories I picked are about Paris in the 20's, because...I'm obsessed. I decided the other one should be the complete opposite, so I found something about America in the summer of 1776 (perfect for getting in the 4th of July spirit). 

I'm currently reading The Beautiful American, by Jeanne Mackin. Several reviews said that if you liked, The Paris Wife, you would love this too. I read "The Paris Wife" right after reading A Moveable Feast (on the flight home from Paris), & loved them both, so I couldn't resist another similar book. So far, I'm hooked. It's set in the 20's & 40's ( two of my favorite time periods), with references to Man Ray, Picasso, art, photography, & WWII, about two friends (the famous photographer Lee Miller and Nora Tours) from Poughkeepsie who move to Paris & the secrets from their past. 

The second on my list is called, Revolutionary Summer, by Pulitzer Prize winning historian, Joseph Ellis. I'm going to try to start reading it this week to celebrate the birthday of the US of A. :) 

I say "try" because I might not be able to wait to read the third book on my list, Mrs. Hemingway, by Naomi Wood.

"Told in four parts and based on real love letters and telegrams, Mrs. Hemingway reveals the explosive love triangles that wrecked each of Hemingway's marriages. Spanning 1920s bohemian Paris through 1960s Cold War America, populated with members of the fabled "Lost Generation," Mrs. Hemingway is a riveting tale of passion, love, and heartbreak." -GoodReads

Just for fun, here is a picture of me at my favorite bookstore in the world, Shakespeare & Co (the same store Hemingway writes about in A Moveable naturally, I had to pick up a copy from there.) It's my favorite souvenir from Paris (I love it more than my Hermes scarf, but don't tell my husband) & if you haven't read it, it should be on the top of your summer reading list! xoxo

A bientôt!

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