Music Monday: From Indian Lakes

June 16, 2014

Music Mondays always help Monday feel a little more exciting. This week, we're featuring another one of our favorite bands for you to listen and enjoy - From Indian Lakes

We first were introduced to the band when they passed through St. Louis on their Able Bodies tour (they actually played with our husbands' band!). From Indian Lakes is an indie rock band from California, and their musical talent has us completely hooked. In the weeks leading up to the show, we could not stop listening to their Able Bodies record - but their live show far surpassed even the greatness of the album! The band is so passionate about their music, but what's even greater is being able to see how the fans connect and jam out to their songs. Here's one of our favorites, give it a listen!

We can't wait for their new album (scheduled to be released sometime this summer) and their upcoming tour! It's a bummer they won't be coming through STL again anytime soon. We'll just have to take a road trip to see them!

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