Love Stories: R & B

June 7, 2014

Some people love romantic stories. Some people hate them. I, unfortunately, am a romantic. I love making and reliving memories - so you will occasionally hear sappy love stories from me. 

Today is our six month anniversary as newlyweds. I'm not sure exactly how long you are allowed to be considered a newlywed, but I'll hold on to the title for as long as possible. 

These two pictures are from our engagement. An engagement in itself is pretty self explanatory - and our story is beautiful! But the most entertaining story of that day was that in the morning, before he proposed, the jeweler accidentally called me to tell me that my engagement ring was finished being sized. I texted Randall that the ring was ready and he could go pick it up whenever he wanted. 

My sweet husband was determined to make the engagement a surprise. So, when he picked up the ring, he convinced one of the sales ladies to call me back and tell me that there had been a mistake and the ring was sized - but not to fit my finger. This poor woman. I was very unkind to her (not my proudest moment!) and questioned how in the world such a mistake could have been made when this was their job! After getting off the phone with her, I called Randall in tears to tell him what'd happened. He tried to comfort me (for at least 10 minutes with no success) before he caved and told me that they'd lied for him - he had the ring and I wasn't allowed to have it yet!

Isn't it gorgeous! He proposed that evening, and I was still surprised. I thought for sure he'd wait. I was very happy that he didn't! Less than two months later (we don't waste any time), on December 7th, 2013 - in the midst of a snowpocalypse, we got married. 

We had both of our little brothers be our best men! It was so unique and perfect for us to share the special day with those two in our wedding party. Our wedding was intimate (like seriously intimate - we had a huge blizzard that day and tons of people were snowed in!) and simple, but so fit our style and personality. Sharon and Paula were a part of our special day with their cute hubbies (and our favorite baby Atticus!) - which was so fun! One day I'll go back and watch videos of their weddings and pretend I was able to be there. 

Marriage is one of the most incredible things that has ever happened to me. Life has now become a never ending slumber party/forever date with my best friend. Marriage has been fiercely challenging, endlessly encouraging, captivatingly beautiful and just plain messy sometimes. But - every moment is worth it. For us, God is truly the center of our marriage; because without him we'd never have enough grace to make it work! Randall shows me the love of Christ each day, and I'm forever grateful to share life with him.

I've always been a perfectionist. This trait (both helpful and hurtful) has always influenced everything that I've ever done. The biggest lesson that I've learned through marriage is to let go of perfect. It is a fleeting adjective that is unachievable and will always leave you wishing for more, comparing your life to others and ruthlessly pushing yourself to never make a mistake. But here's where perfection really misses the mark: the beauty of life is in its mess! I see how much my husband truly loves me when we come out of our worst fights and he has grace for my imperfections. Our commitment is truly reflected when we wake up in the morning with messy hair wearing old tshirts, look at each other and think that we're so happy just to be together. The highlights and pretty moments are wonderful too. But for us - it's in the messes or the moments of chaos that we realize how far from perfect we really are, and more importantly those moments allow us to recognize how deep our love really is. 

And that's what I've learned in six months of marriage.

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