Love Stories: P & K

June 12, 2014

Today I am celebrating 10 years of marriage to my soul mate.  We met in high school and “dated” (as much as a 15 year old can date -having our parents drop us off at coffee shops and concerts- we were so hip)!  And then our little love affair was cut short because he had to move away…to Africa.  We said we would stay together and he would come back to the states for college and we would get married and live happily ever after…and everyone laughed at us.
We did stay together for a while, but eventually broke up and both dated other people.  I even got engaged to another person (but didn’t plan a wedding because I “just knew” that he wasn’t “the one”- trust me- you really do “just know”).   But I stayed engaged to him because I was young and didn’t want to hurt his feelings and every time I tried to break things off, he cried and convinced me to try again…and again…and again…until we were having an argument one miserable Fourth of July when my mom called me and said, “Guess who I just saw at the store?  Kelsey!” My stomach filled with butterflies (yes, Jimmy Eat World, I can still feel them).  “He’s tall.  And cute.  I told him he should call you.”  

Mom knows best...  

Before he had a chance to call, I wanted to try to “accidentally” (on purpose) see him.  So, I went to his store and walked back and forth a few times trying to find a tall cute guy who looked like a four year older version of the boy I dated in high school.  I found him (he was cute!) and took my cat food and gum (how romantic, right?) to his lane.  I had no plan of what to do or say, so I just stood there silently.  He started scanning my items and asked if I was Paula.  I decided to try to play it cool and pretend like I didn’t know him, so I just said…”Yeah??”  He told me he was Kelsey, and I fibbed  and said, “Oh!  I didn’t know you worked here!” (I told him later about the whole thing).  We chatted a bit more at the store and then he called me.  I told him I was unhappily engaged, so we both agreed to not hang out until I ended things with the other guy.  That took a while because I was such a people pleaser back then, but eventually, I ended things for good and then Kelsey and I were able to finally start to date again (this time without our parents as chaperones).
He proposed to me one year exactly from the day I saw him at the store- on top of a cliff called Point Pleasant.  We were married the next year in a lovely old Methodist church in Kentucky with all of our friends and family there with us to celebrate.
Ten years with my best friend have flown by.  We moved to St. Louis together so I could go to Grad school without knowing anyone and without even a map of the city.  We've been to Mexico and Paris, he’s been in 4 different bands (and let me name two of them), he's played hundreds (maybe thousands?) of shows and I've always been his biggest fan in the front row.  We have an adorable one year old and a sweet little Westie, and have had so much fun through it all. 
Sometimes 15 year olds know what they’re talking about.  Sometimes a boy sees a girl for the first time as she walks into his band room, and he asks his friend for her number, and they “date” and fall in love, and even though they have to be thousands of miles apart for a while, and even though she’s in a relationship with another person for a while, and even though people call them crazy and laugh at them, and even though it might have seemed impossible, what’s meant to be will always find a way. 

We’re still living happily ever after today. 

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