A Week in Pictures

June 13, 2014

In our neck of the woods, the weather has been so heavenly. And as always, we were craving S'MORES! Over the weekend we spent some time outside soaking up the sunshine and practicing our frisbee throwing skills. 
After grabbing some Mexican food (enchiladas are always a good decision), we headed back to Paula and Kelsey's cozy home. Their back porch is the cutest! Very relaxing and calm, it's the perfect place to sip tea for hours. Being surrounded by green and fresh air is the best kind of medicine. 
Our guys are adorable! Especially when they're "working on the fire." They also love us constantly taking pictures of them. Okay, that's probably an exaggeration. 

Luckily we had Paula around to help finally get the fire started. (Not really! Without Sharon's husband, Shane, we probably would've been eating cold marshmallows for hours.)
Paula's vintage bike is beautiful. All we need is a giant bouquet of flowers for her lovely basket. I feel a bicycle riding party coming soon...
We hope you enjoyed some lovely weather this week. 

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