A Week in Pictures

June 4, 2014

Happy Wednesday! Just wanted to share some highlights of this past week!


This week, my sister actually let me borrow her camera to take pictures for Atticus's birthday party, but of course I wanted to take it for a test drive! Here are just a few that I took.

My gifts for Atticus!

Me trying to be artsy and creative. Not so much..

Testing out the self timer for family portraits! :) 

My little Skippy! I wish I could take credit for this picture, but I can't. This was taken by my sister. Animals have become one of her favorite subjects, and she perfectly captured this adorable picture of my pup!


We loved the moccasins Sharon got for our little guy- the wrapping paper was adorable! And I'm super excited about the lovely plant which was a sweet gift to me! :)

I can't believe I have a one year old! His first week as a "big" boy was busy with his baby dedication & a celebratory grilled cheese lunch at Kaldi's, rides in a little red wagon from Grammy & Pawpaw, & his first trip to the zoo. 


For me, this week started slow and ended lightning fast!
I adore this little plant. Sharon inspires us all to be better plant-mom's, I however have a notorious record of not being able to keep the poor things alive! This little guy was the newest addition to the Buchanan household about a month ago - and so far he's still going strong! I will be sad if my killer green thumb ends his life any time soon.

I'm in love, I'm in love - and I don't care who knows it! How can I not be with a husband this handsome. (I hope you all love my low-quality picture - ha! Let's just be real, not every image we snap is picture perfect. But I like it that way.) #buchananselfie

I need a flower basket for my bicycle. Over the weekend, one of our friends bought me a mint green vintage bike. Pictures of my new ride will come later (I'm thinking - convince Mister Buchanan to be a photographer for the day and beg him to capture some footage of me riding it!), but for now, enjoy this little beauty.

We also got to see our all-time favorite Love Surrounds play over the weekend. Maybe one day we'll get through a full post without mentioning how awesome they are...... Nope, probably not. 

Thanks for reminiscing with us! This week we're dreaming of a s'mores night... What adventures do you have planned?

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