May 14, 2014

Hey guys! Welcome to A Colorful Chaos. We are three ladies brought together by our husbands' passion for playing music for the Lord (insert shameless plug here: Love Surrounds), but have been so blessed to have become great friends as band wives! We wanted to give ya'll an opportunity to learn more about the awesome team that makes this blog happen. Hopefully you guys will enjoy learning more about us. We can't wait to share more fun features with you.

Brooke Buchanan

I'm a 22 year old newlywed, designer & breakfast lover. I moved to St. Louis last fall and I'm in love with exploring my new city. Randall (my husband) and I love coffee dates (if you're local, check out one of our favorites - Blueprint Coffee), collecting vinyl for our turquoise blue record player and eating sushi. Right now, I'm always taking on decor projects in our little apartment. We love getting creative with our tiny space. 

My current obsession: old records, vintage American flags and finding the perfect new cactus
If I could see any band perform live, I would see.... other than my husband's band? hmm, probably Fleetwood Mac. I'm a 70's girl forever
My go-to outfit: slim black jeans, cute flats and a pretty blouse
OK, guilty pleasure: kittens. All things kittens. Also, Katy Perry
Sweet or Salty: ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
This weekend, I will be... eating breakfast at our local IHOP (so hip) with Randall (our all-time favorite activity), buying pretty flowers for our coffee table and doing some Pilates
My biggest weakness is: the Apartment section at Urban Outfitters

Paula Mathias

Bonjour!  I'm Paula- the five foot zero mamma in the middle of my fab friends pictured above.   Currently living in St. Louis, was born in Louisiana, but I’m always missing my old Kentucky home...and sweet tea, southern hospitality, and people who call you honey.   I have a cute little Westie and two blue-eyed boys in my life- one with dimples who likes to play peek-a-boo and one with a beard who likes to play bass. 

My current obsession: I must confess, I have a major crush on Paris!  I took French for 8 years and got to practice speaking it when my hubby and I went there to celebrate our anniversary.  I also love classic flicks (anything with Audrey Hepburn), Mexican food, ice cream, rainy days and lattes, music, and the beach.
If I could see any band perform live, I would see:  Johnny Cash with June Carter.  I can't get enough of the man in black and his sweet little lady.
My go-to outfit:  On any given day, I like to pretend I’m in France, so I dress the part.  I live in skinny jeans, stripes, a trench coat, heels, and some kind of statement piece of jewelry. 
OK, guilty pleasure: Jewelry, French inspired anything, fashion magazines, and Seychelles shoes (I have quite the collection).
Sweet or Salty: Both!  I love to eat.  Give me some salty tortilla chips with salsa and I’ll eat them every day.  And my hubby and I eat ice cream every night…so, yeah. Both!
This weekend, I will be: planning my sweet baby boy’s first birthday party.  This year has flown by!  I can’t believe my little man is getting so big.  We’re doing a vintage newsboy theme, so he’ll be sporting a little newsboy hat, suspenders, and bow-tie and spoiler alert- there will be lots of pictures!  
My biggest weakness is: shopping! I love Anthro, my fave vintage store in Ky (Street Scene), and cute favorite closed (I miss you, Ziezo), so I'm on the hunt for someplace new! 

Sharon Zimmer

Sharon Zimmer here! AKA the Asian one. I'm a wife to my wonderful husband Shane and a mother to my adorable lil' pup, Skip Schumaker! St. Louis native, born and raised. I enjoy thrift shopping, obsessing over home decor and house projects, going to St. Louis Cardinal games, and eating the best ice cream in town, Ted Drewes!! 

My current obsession: My dog, what can I say, I'm a proud mama! And Rifle Paper Co.
If I could see any band perform live, I would see.... the Beatles! Anyone would be so lucky to see such a significant influence to the history of music.
My go-to outfit: Toms, skinny jeans, and my white and black striped tee that I wear too much that it's getting holes in it!
OK, guilty pleasure: Disney. Old and new. I'm a sucker and kid at heart.
Sweet or Salty: Salted caramel that cheating?
This weekend, I will be... a part of my high school BFF's wedding! I can't wait to see her marry the love of her life and be a witness of God's grace and love to all her friends and family!
My biggest weakness is: Plants. I'm drawn to anything and everything green. I would, in a heart beat, make my house an indoor jungle if I could just learn to keep the darn things alive!

Stick around! We can't wait to start sharing bits and pieces of what we enjoy most with you! 

- Brooke, Paula, and Sharon

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