DIY: Air Plant Mount

May 29, 2014

So, as you know, we, mostly me, Sharon, love plants. One of our favorite plants is the tillandsia, widely known as air plants. The great thing about air plants is that they do not require soil. They only need to be soaked in water one to two times a week, and that's it! They're almost foolproof for those of us who have a black thumb. But because they're so easy to care for, it's also easy and fun to dress them up in different ways. I've seen people put other kinds of plants on walls, but because air plants need so little care, I thought I would try that instead.

My supplies included the air plant, a wood plaque I found at a thrift store, but you can purchase one at your local craft store, a wall mount, wire, and I chose to stain my plaque.

First, I stained it, but really I think you should drill the holes before you stain, in case you mark it up and need to re-stain it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the power drill and couldn't wait for my husband to get home before starting on this project, so this was my first step. The wall mounts I picked up from Hobby Lobby don't need screws, and can just be hammered in. So easy! Lastly, once my husband got home, I drilled two holes and strung the wire through.

Ta da! Super easy DIY for air plants. Now my beautiful tillandsia can be displayed proudly in my dining room. It's so handsome! I'm squealing with so much excitement!

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