A Week in Pictures

May 22, 2014

We each have had such a great week this past week, and we just want to share some of the highlights!

First up, Sharon!

I luckily had the opportunity to be a part of one of my best friend's wedding. It was beautiful and perfect. It was also just a great time to be hanging out with my dear old friends all day. (Plus, we got free Ted Drewes just for showing up in our wedding duds, and ice cream just makes everything better!) We had such a blast, and I'm just so happy for my friends, Sarah and Adam! Then my family got in on the fun when it came down to partying!

Look at those tiny little fingernails! Squee!!

Next up, Paula's weekend recap...

My weekend was crazy busy. Friday night my sweet designer friend Amanda & her husband came over to help make decorations for my little guy's first birthday party. My hubby & Maya (our cute little pup!) got in on the action too. I made them all watch Newsies to get in the newsboy spirit. Open the gates & seize the day y'all.

Saturday, we started the day off with our buds John & Katy at our friend's coffee shop (La Cosecha - locals check it out!) before going to Taste of Maplewood, a local festival. Greg made me an iced vanilla blackberry latte which was amazing. If you're in Maplewood, be sure to check them out. They also have a raspberry hazelnut latte that is calling my name! Atticus can't wait for his first cuppa Joe!

Sunday funday...after church we met our friends Shane and Aryn at Kaldi's Coffee for iced Mayan Mochas (the best in town) and a double chocolate chunk cookie. Shane is a writer, so obviously he has a typewriter - because don't all writers use typewriters these days? I mean, whip that baby out in a coffee shop and start typing your next manuscript and you'll be the hippest kid on the block. We're using it as a prop for the newsboy party. Isn't she a beauty?

And finally, Brooke!

This week, Randall and I went loft hunting! We're on the search for some new digs, so together we got out to enjoy some sunlight and find a home sweet home.

He's cute when he opens the door for me. #dreamy

How cute is the Coca-Cola sign on this building! We can't wait to find a new place closer to the city. I love St. Louis; we love exploring the city and finding new spots to eat or grab a cup of coffee. I can't wait to show you all our new place once we find the right one! For now, here's a sneak peak of one of our top options...

I'm in love with the giant windows! While we were in the city, we stopped at one of our absolute favorite local eateries,Bailey's Range. I had a veggie burger with some Mexican coke and it was to die for! Paula and I are both vegetarians, so you'll hear a lot of meat-free food recommendations from us. Don't worry, Sharon can tell you about all of the best barbecue joints in town!

This, my friends, is Bailey's Triple Chocolate ice cream. It is heavenly.

We hope you all enjoyed our Week in Pictures! In case y'all haven't noticed, we love local spots. Let us know if you try any of these great places!

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